MORSØ Blade Sharpening Service

Mainline Mouldings are delighted to announce the acquisition of the MORSØ automatic knife sharpening machine. This is a FULLY automatic knife sharpening machine and the first of its kind in the UK.

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The Blade Sharpening Service

Mainline are members of the Fine Art and Traders Guild

Our blade sharpening service, performed by fully trained staff, will ensure that customers receive the ultimate in MORSØ blade performance.


  • Collection and Delivery service available
  • 4-5 day standard turnaround
  • The service is provided for customers throughout the UK
  • Hand finished
  • Rigorous quality control
  • Prices from £13.20
  • Fully trained technicians

The MORSØ Machine

Morso blade sharpening machine

Designed and built by Morsø Dan-List specifically for getting the most from MORSØ guillotine blades, not only does the machine hollow grind, it ensures symmetrical sharpening of the blades. There is no need to use different machines to grind, remove chips, hills and/or realign your blades thanks to the MORSØ's advanced technology and precision engineering. Unlike conventional machines, the MORSØ does not require a flood coolant system as the sharpening stone is specially made for Morsø Dan-List thus ensuring your blades will not overheat.

  • Designed by MORSØ specifically for the picture framing industry
  • Constructed according to EEC-machine directive 98/392/EWG, last modified by EEC directive 93/98/EWG
  • 30° hollow ground to the manufacturers exact specification
  • Setting of the edge to ensure symmetrical sharpening
  • Takes off burrs and removes chips and hills from the blade

The benefits of Hollow Ground Blades

Morso blade sharpening machine for hollow ground blades
  • Longevity of your blade
  • Precision of the cut
  • Improved overall finish of the frame
  • Consistent quality and craftsmanship for your customers
Morso blades for picture framers Morso blades for picture framers


MORSØ Dan-List in Denmark not only manufactures MORSØ machines but also manufactures MORSØ guillotine blades. The steel used for the cutting edge on the MORSØ blade is formulated of Austrian steel with a Rockwell hardness of 64. The cutting edge is attached to the tool's body and then carefully heat tempered with Dan-List's secret process, then the blade surface is precision ground to thickness, hollow ground to 30° to the face of the blade, hand honed and deburred. In order to constantly offer your customers quality and craftsmanship, you should only use MORSØ blades serviced to MORSØ specifications.

There are a few generic blades on the market but they do not offer you the longevity and precision of a MORSØ blade, and in many cases they are not hollow ground or hand honed, and in addition to this there are no generic blades made to the Rockwell hardness. For the professionals by the professionals. Do not accept any substitutes.


To check your own MORSØ knives after they have been sharpened to see if they are hollow-ground, simply place any straight edge (ie. a credit card) across the sharpened edge. If you are able to see light under the card, this means that the surface is concave, indicating that the knife has been hollow-ground. If it is parallel to the card, this is a definite indication that the knives have not been properly sharpened.

MORSØ blade transit box

No grinding should ever be done on the flat surface of the knife (the surface that faces the operator).

New blades and transit boxes are now in stock.

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