The box price system:
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   box and pack orders!

Our exceptional collection of top quality hand‑finished mouldings are sourced from the world’s finest moulding factories. These elegant mouldings, which include gold and silver leaf finishes, have the high‑quality appearance that can only be achieved by hand‑finished workmanship and are ideal for extra special projects.

Wood picture frame mouldings can be purchased in individual lengths or in box or pack quantities.

Mainline are continually searching for new and innovative ranges and we’re proud to offer an eclectic and ever expanding collection of wood mouldings.

Our vast array of fantastically priced wood mouldings will complement both modern and traditional decor, allowing you to match to any colour scheme and satisfy any trend.

From unfinished woods, contemporary and traditional gold and silver to wood and colour tones, in a wide variety of finishes including popular choices such as antique, distressed, washed or brushed.

And don’t forget our simple black mouldings and contemporary dark finishes – the essential staples for all framing workshops.

Pure innovation