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Mainline SpeedShop

SpeedShop is a rapid way to fill your shopping cart with a batch of products.

SpeedShop works like a shopping list; simply enter the product code for an item which you would like to purchase and then enter the quantity. Repeat the process to add more items and when your entries are complete you can add the whole list to your cart in one click.

If you would like further information on an individual product, just click to see a picture, description, prices and stock availability – all without leaving your SpeedShop list!



Store your favourite products and set up
stock warnings.

You can add any Mainline product to your Favourites page; just click on the favourites icon on the product page. It's a great way to store items you like and at the same time you can set up stock notification messages for any of your chosen favourites. In addition, you can view important information on these items such as stock levels and promotions.

While you're in your favourites, you can even give them your own product codes. For more information see the ‘Use your own product code’ tab above.


Reorder your purchases

Pick and choose from previous web orders.

This is a great way to speed up your ordering. If you order the same products repeatedly you can quickly sift back through past orders and add items to your cart directly from them. You can adjust the quantities as
you go.

Product information is a click away if you need to check more details.


Your own product codes

Not used to our product codes?

Or it may be that you simply prefer your own. In either case you can now apply your product code to any Mainline product. It's a quick and easy process; you just click on the link on a product page or on a product in your Favourites and enter your own code!

Your product code will now appear throughout the website, in the checkout and on your orders and invoices. You can even search for it...

The Mainline code is still there too in case you need to cross-reference.

Use your own product codes

You can start adding codes for products in your Favourites:

Go to Favourites

Or, you can view or search for a product then add your code on the product page.


StockWatch – low-stock and back-in-stock notifications

Receive notification emails telling you when a product becomes low in stock and when a product is back in stock.

In order to receive stock notifications first add the product to your Favourites. Then go to your Favourites and click on the Request email notification switched on symbol below the product to select it, or the Request email notification switched off symbol to deselect it.

Low stock

Your Low Stock notification emails will show a list of all the products in your Favourites which are currently running low in stock.

You can switch this facility on or off from your Website Preferences page. Low stock warnings and back in stock warnings can be independently switched.

For low stock warnings you can also choose on which days you would like to receive your notifications.

Back in Stock

Your Back in Stock email notification will list all of the recently unavailable products in your Favourites which are now back in stock.

Receive notification when a moulding is low stock or bak in stock

You can select products in your Favourites:

Go to Favourites

And you can switch the facilities on or off and choose when to receive your messages here:

Go to Website Preferences

You will need to be logged in to see your Website Preferences.

Note: If you would like to exclude some products from your notification click on the envelope icon by the product:

Request email notification switched on Included in your list

Request email notification switched off Excluded from your list


Estimated delivery dates

Helping you to plan your ordering.

Stock levels are shown for each product together with estimated delivery dates for low and out of stock items. Allowing you to plan exactly how much to order and when.

We will accept orders for products which are not yet
in stock.

Checkout estimated delivery dates

Account statements

Check your account statement and pay online.

You can check your outstanding invoices and balance in the ‘My Account’ section of the website. You can also make a full or part payment with just a couple of clicks of the mouse. For maximum security your payment will be processed via HSBC. Most major credit and debit cards can be used.

You must be a Mainline Account customer and be logged in to use this feature.

View statements and pay online

Check your statement:

Go to Statement page

If you are not already logged in you'll be asked to log in before being taken to the Statements page.