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Black core, museum, conservation solid core, monochrome, barrier board and neon mountboard by Slater Harrison.

Black core mountboard: has a non-acidic core and backing; it creates an added 3-dimensional look that only a black centre can impart. Ideal for beautiful and accurate v-grooves.

Museum Board: a premium product manufactured from non-acidic 100% cotton fibre. It is lignin-free and is 100% conservation standard.

Conservation solid core: 100% conservation quality and when bevelled, the colour remains consistent throughout. Use in conjunction with conservation barrier board to provide a total conservation framing service.

Monochrome: this unique range of black and white mountboard combines black and white layers in one board and produces a stunning effect when bevelled.

Barrier Board: white conversation board buffered with calcium carbonate for conservation mounting and used as a barrier between the artwork and the backing board.

Neon mountboard: is an impactful fluorescent coated range available in five striking colours. They're acid free and contain no metallic pigments or plastics making them an ideal choice for consumers wanting to limit their environmental impact.

FATG Levels
The FATG now classifies standards of framing in four different levels, so our mount board is now graded in ‘Levels'. The four FATG framing levels are as follows:

Level 1: Ultimate protection using conservation methods and the best quality conservation materials.

Level 2: High level protection using conservation methods and conservation materials.

Level 3: Mid level protection using good quality materials and methods.

Level 4: Low level protection using basic materials and/or methods.