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A+ Automation T-2000 Series

MAC-0020 and MAC-0026

High-end double mitre saws designed to precisely cut 45° mitres for picture framing and woodworking applications. These high-spec, heavy-duty machines have been built to last. Their speed, reliability and consistently high-quality output make them ideal for medium- to high-production environments.

The T-2000 series uses innovative vertical drop technology and has a unique pneumatic control system which totally supports the weight of the cutting assembly allowing a very smooth down-stroke, precise cuts and a quick return process.

The two saw blades are fixed at 45° angles and have an adjustable blade descent speed. With each stroke the two mitres are cut from the moulding leaving minimal waste, having a knockout as little as 1.6mm.

During the cutting process the moulding is held firmly in place by four pneumatic clamps ensuring precision cuts every time.

Both machines can handle wood, plastic and MDF mouldings and differ only in the size of moulding they can accommodate.

T-2350 (MAC-0026) – up to 80mm moulding width
T-2450 (MAC-0020) – up to 120mm moulding width

The T-2450 is available to try out in our workshop.


Safety Features

Optional Accessories

Technical Specification

To purchase a T-2000 double mitre saw or for further information, please call 01949 861000.

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