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A6 MemoTS+/A6 Basic Underpinners

MAC-0021 and MAC-0025

Top-of-the-range multichannel electronic/pneumatic underpinners that will effortlessly join a wide variety of frame profiles in a single work cycle. Ideal for larger, high-production facilities that require high-speed assembly and frequent changeovers.

The A6 MemoTS+ is an advanced version of the A5 MemoTS. It incorporates a special multichannel magazine that can hold five different wedge sizes that enables operators to use different sized wedges within the same work cycle.

It features the same programming facilities as the A5 Memo using a Windows interface to store a vast quantity of profile data that can be instantly selected via the touch screen or by scanning with the optional barcode reader. This data includes:

  • the size, number and position of wedges
  • the cycle speed to suit the moulding material
  • the moulding barcode

The A6 MemoTS+ also features the same horizontal, vertical and fence clamping mechanisms that ensure optimum stability and enable precise joins every time.

An A6 Basic version is also available. It's equipped with the same main features as the A6 MemoTS+ but comes with fewer accessories. See Accessories and Optional Accessories below.


Technical Specification

Standard Accessories

Optional Accessories

MAC-0025 A6 MemoTS+

MAC-0021 A6 Basic

To purchase an A6 MemoTS+ or an A6 Basic Underpinner or for further information, please call 01949 861000.

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