I can't remember my password, can you reset it?

There is something on the website that doesn't work as it should. Is it my computer?

What is your minimum order?

Do your prices include VAT?

What types of payment do you accept?

When will my order arrive?

Can I have a sample of a moulding?

What blades do you sharpen and how should I pack them?

My order has arrived but appears damaged, what should I do?

Can you let me know when a product is low in stock or arrives back in to stock?

A moulding I need is out of stock, when will it be available?

Do you back order products when out of stock?


Will a moulding I bought a few weeks ago match your current stock?

What lengths are the mouldings?

Can I return a product?

Have you got a showroom I can visit?

When I collect my order, do you have a car charging point I can use?

Can I have extra catalogues?

Do you offer a chop service?

This silver moulding looks gold

What are your terms for trading account customers?

Why have shipping charges to Ireland increased?

What is Husqui?

Can I recycle your packaging?