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Receive notification emails telling you when a product becomes low in stock and when a product is back in stock.

In order to receive stock notifications first add the product to your Favourites. Then go to your Favourites and click on the symbol below the product to select it, or the symbol to deselect it.

Low stock

Your Low Stock notification emails will show a list of all the products in your Favourites which are currently running low in stock.

You can switch this facility on or off from your Website Preferences page. Low stock warnings and back in stock warnings can be independently switched.

For low stock warnings you can also choose on which days you would like to receive your notifications.

Back in Stock

Your Back in Stock email notification will list all of the recently unavailable products in your Favourites which are now back in stock.

You can select products in your Favourites:

Go to Favourites

And you can switch the facilities on or off and choose when to receive your messages here:

Go to Website Preferences

You will need to be logged in to see your Website Preferences.

Note: If you would like to exclude some products from your notification click on the envelope icon by the product:

Included in your list

Excluded from your list

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