Husqui Wood Effect Skirting

Husqui Wood Effect Skirting (2 products)

Husqui skirting boards are pre-finished in a choice of antique pine or oak effect for a warm, authentic timber appearance, they're the perfect enhancement to both modern and traditional interior styles.

Husqui® plastic moulding is made from 80% recycled polystyrene – a sustainable, alternative to wooden skirting boards. It has a constant, clean finish and is easy to cut and join.


Husqui® mouldings can be purchased in individual lengths, in packs or in box quantities. Box quantities vary due to the size of each moulding. Most Husqui® lengths are 2.9 metres. 3" sample pieces of Husqui® are available on request.

Benefits of Husqui®

•   Impact resistant

•   100% waterproof
•   Available in either plain white or wood effect
•   Pre-finished so additional finishing is not required
•   Consistent colour and finish
•   Ideal for concealing cables
•   Dimensionally stable


The most effective way to cut any Husqui moulding is by using a circular saw. We recommend that the blade moves quickly through the moulding to reduce any heat build up. Husqui® moulding can easily be attached using grab adhesive. Evenly spread the adhesive down the length of the moulding and press firmly against the selected wall. Make sure to weight the moulding against the wall until the adhesive has set to ensure optimal attachment. A nail gun can also be used, either in conjunction with grab adhesive or on its own.

Please note: Solvents can damage and melt plastic moulding, so please use solvent-free products when working with Husqui.