Underpinner Wedges

Underpinner Wedges (17 products)

Wedges to suit all underpinners.

A+ Automation Wedges 
The high quality steel of these A+ wedges has been specifically designed to improve the quality of the mitre join. Available in three varieties – Softwood, Medium wood and Hardwood – these wedges are designed to fit all A+ assembly machines and Minigraf underpinners.

Cassese Master Uni Wedges 
Masters wedges are made from a special steel alloy which gives shape memory properties to the wedge. When it penetrates into the moulding, it spreads its wings which, because of shape memory, then try to come back to their initial position. This results in very strongly pulling the two pieces of mouldings towards each other, so as to give a perfectly closed corner.

Cassese Cartridge Wedges
Cassese wedges are individually lubricated and held in a plastic cartridge. This avoids any jamming and helps the wedge penetrate the moulding whilst lubricating the underpinner at the same time. The special steel alloy used in the wedges has memory properties to make the perfect join. Wedges are available in Softwood and Hardwood versions, with each size in colour-coded cartridges. 

Standard box contains 6 cartridges, Jumbo box contains 40 cartridges.

AL Softwood Wedges
AL wedges are coated in silicon to avoid jamming. The silicon also allows for much better penetration of the wedge into the moulding. These wedges are designed to fit Minigraf, Alfamacchine and A+ underpinners.