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A fleck free, eco-friendly alternative to our Basics White Core range.


All Munken boards, including single-sided Bright White MBD-X002 and double-sided Duo MBD-X001 are made in a Swedish paper mill that only produces white and off-white boards, eliminating those annoying flecks that often waste time and material.


The Munken mill was founded in 1871 and has always has always enjoyed a close relationship with its natural settings on the Swedish west coast. The mill is today one of the world’s most environmentally-friendly paper mills – and practices sustainable production every day. All papers and boards are 100% natural virgin alpha cellulose made from wood from well managed forests. There is NO post-consumer fibre.

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Fine Art Trade Guild

The FATG now classifies standards of framing in four different levels, so our mountboard is now graded in four ‘Levels'.


Level 1: Ultimate protection using conservation methods and the best quality conservation materials.

Level 2: High level protection using conservation methods and conservation materials.

Level 3: Mid level protection using good quality materials and methods.

Level 4: Low level protection using basic materials and/or methods.