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Morsø F


The Morsø F features a unique built-in lever system which ensures the cutting operation is effortless and accurate, leaving the cut surface of the wood clean and smooth, and requiring no further finishing before joining. What’s more, there’s minimal waste (less than 1mm) and virtually no noise or dust!

The horizontal movement of the blades is adjustable in steps while a sliding longitudinal stop and measuring scale for both length and width makes it easy to set the measurements and ensures accurate and speedy repeat work. The machine also incorporates a foot pedal which performs the vertical movement of the blade descent. Double heavy-duty return springs automatically bring the blades back to the starting position.

Because the Morsø F is manually operated it needs no compressor or electricity and can be operated anywhere.


Technical Specification

To purchase a Morsø F or for further information, please call 01949 861000.

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