Morsø Blade Sharpening

Mainline has a fully automatic Morsø blade sharpening machine – the first of its kind in the UK – for hollow ground sharpening of all Morsø blades.

Our reliable and efficient blade sharpening service is carried out by fully trained staff and ensures that you will receive the ultimate in Morsø blade performance. 

To arrange a collection, call us on 01949 861000.


To check your own Morsø blades after they have been sharpened to see if they are hollow ground, simply place any straight edge (i.e. a credit card) across the sharpened edge. If you are able to see light under the card, this means that the surface is concave, indicating that the blade has been hollow ground. If it is parallel to the card, this is a definite indication that the blade has not been properly sharpened. No grinding should ever be done on the flat surface of the blade.

Our Service:

•    Collection and delivery service available
•    4-5 day standard turnaround
•   The service is provided for customers throughout the UK
•    Hand finished
•    Rigorous quality control
•    Prices from £18.00
•    Fully trained technicians

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